Why Did I Get A Drone?

I’m facinated by views and perspectives of our world that are so close to home, yet seldomly seen.

Mulcaster and Collier (City Hall), Barrie

Drones today are a photographers best friend (by photographer, I mean anyone who uses a camera to make content of any kind). Not only are they extremley easy to operate and maneuver safely, sometimes, just seeing the same place from a different angle can leave a lasting effect.

Below, is a photo of a ravine in Barrie, ON that is known simply by the locals as, “The Ravine”. It may not look like anything special, but for me, it’s the set and setting of countless gatherings from my formative high school years. That’s because most of my friends lived in the surrounding neighbourhood known as “Letitia Heights”, and my own house was not far away, in the neighbourhood barely visable in the backgound of the photo, just above the water tower.

“The Ravine”

We always knew growing up, or at least we had some idea, that our beloved daily refuge was a trail that was used for a very long time. It’s actually a small segment of two trails: The Nine Mile Portage, and The Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail). The former is an ancient footpath used by the native tribes of the area, and then was used by the British Military during the War of 1812 as a supply road connecting Lake Simcoe to Willow Landing and ultimately to Georgian Bay via the Nottawasaga River. The latter is a trail that stretches across Canada and connects it’s three coastlines; the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic oceans.

Seeing this section of the two trails from above gives me a new appreciation for the early communities that occupied this region, for one reason or another. For anyone back then, it must have been a formidable journey to venture off into the thick, unfriendly woodlands, with nothing more than the mildly-beaten path of those who went before you to lead the way.

Panorama of Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie, Ontario

If you’ve got a location that is special to you, and you’d like to see it from a new angle you never thought possible, please contact me!

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